“Your people will be my people and your God my God.” (Ruth 1:16)

Financial issues. Sour economy. Endless frustration just to keep food on the table. Some have to move out of their homes.

That was life in Israel about a thousand years before Jesus was born. A drought was so devastating that a family had to leave their homeland to find work and food in nearby Moab.

It seemed to go well at first. A son of the family married a woman from Moab named Ruth. It was actually a time when the grass was greener on the other side. However, within a decade Ruth’s husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law all died. Their place of rescue turned into a place of sorrow. It seemed that life had fallen apart.

Yet God was working behind the scenes. Even though famine brought hunger pangs, it was what God used to connect Ruth to her husband, his family, and to her Lord. Ruth returned with her mother-in-law to Israel after the famine had passed. God gave Ruth a new home in Bethlehem.

The Lord granted great things in that little town. Ruth now had a home, food, a husband named Boaz, and a new little boy named Obed. Her son became the grandfather of David, the greatest king of Israel and the ancestor of Jesus Christ. The Lord worked through all the little details and big difficulties to bring great blessings to his children.

Placed into a world soured by sin and brought into a family with connections to other nations, Jesus went to work sharing the good news of the saving love of God for all nations. This descendant of Ruth showed he was Lord of all with his life, death and resurrection. Jesus now gives you peace with God and a life greater than you could have ever achieved—a home with the Lord in heaven.

Even though you may have difficult times in this tough world, you have a new life with Jesus, filled with his grace and love. Like Ruth, you might not always immediately see how God works in and through your life, but God always works for the good of his family. Ruth became Jesus’ blood relative, and the blood that Jesus shed for us has made us part of his family. We will live in his home forever.

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