About the Bible

Ever wondered what the Bible is? Think of it as a library of love letters from God to his people.

About Hebrew Poetry

When we think of modern poetry, we probably think of something written in measured lines…

About the First Five Books

What are the first five books of the Bible together called? What is written about in those first five books?


About the Four Gospels

What is the Bible? Find an answer to this question and more.

About the New Testament

Before you begin your journey through the books of the New Testament take a moment and learn about the New Testament as a whole!

Background to the New Testament

Who is Jesus and why should I care? Here, you will find answers!


Many people have many different ideas. Just a good man who lived and died? A charismatic man whose followers stretched the truth? A holy man with some connection to the divine? A prophet like Mohammed? Who is Jesus?


Ever have a question about worship practices but didn’t know whom to ask? Well here’s the place for you! Learn the meaning of the Scripture readings in church,. Learn how to pray. And understand religious terms used in the church setting.