Oh God, Our Savior


“Help us, O God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name’s sake” (Psalm 79:9).

Help! It’s a simple word, and yet very difficult to say. It’s an admission of vulnerability, isn’t it? And nobody wants to be considered vulnerable. Help! It’s admitting that you just can’t get yourself out of whatever predicament, trouble or situation you’re in. You need someone to come and save you. So you have to swallow your pride, display some humility and admit that you can’t do it. You need help.

The man who wrote Psalm 79 was named Asaph. He lived almost 3000 years ago. He needed help, and so did everyone around him. Foreign nations had invaded his homeland of Israel and were trashing God’s reputation. God’s believers in that country needed help. So they went to God.

They knew they had not done anything to earn God’s help. In fact, part of the reason they needed help was because of their disobedience against God and his will. But they still turned to God because of his reputation: he is the God of salvation. They knew that God is in the business of helping. In fact, not only does he give help freely but he specializes in it. Only God could help them out of their difficulties in life. Only God could save them from their greatest difficulty—their sin. And they weren’t disappointed. God did save them from their enemies, but more importantly, he forgave their sin. That’s his reputation. He is the Savior.

God has the same reputation today. He is our Savior. That’s why God sent his Son into our world, an event we celebrate every Christmas. We needed God’s help desperately. We were separated from God. We had sinned. And we couldn’t help ourselves to get rid of our guilt. But God sent us a Savior. He forgives all our sin. What an astounding gift our Savior Jesus Christ is! God is in the business of helping. That is his reputation.

God is your Savior. You can call on him for help and deliverance. He promises his forgiveness and love. He will help you out of trouble. Call on your Savior for strength to carry your burdens. Look to your Lord Jesus for help. He, and he alone, can save you and help you. He, and only he, is your Savior.

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