Know the Truth

“Your word is truth.” – John 17:17

Human beings have never stopped desiring to search for the truth. And who can blame us?

As we swim our way through life, so often we find ourselves in deep water over our heads, water that has a muddy bottom which is sometimes slimy and threatens to trap our feet. What could feel better than to finally touch a smooth, solid, rock bottom where we can plant our feet and rest, keep our heads above water, catch our breath?

God’s word is rock-solid truth. That’s how Jesus described it. He was speaking to his heavenly Father in prayer when he said, “Your word is truth.” Though such a simple statement, it is a profound reality. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, testifies that the word of God the heavenly Father is truth!

It’s hard sometimes to hear the truth. It can cause us to hang our head in shame and even cringe with fear. Truth that God tells us is every bit as difficult to hear. He tells us the truth that we are sinful. The sin that swirls around in our heads and floods our hearts is devastating. Sin brings death—every kind of isolating, slimy, feet-trapping death, including the eternal kind.

God tells us the truth about sin so that we are willing to listen to a more important truth. The truth that his Son, Jesus Christ, came and lived the perfect life required of those who want God to care about them in this life and save them for the life to come. The truth that he died the perfect death on the cross that completely paid for sin. The truth that he rose again to prove he had done everything that is necessary for our salvation. The truth that he did this for every sinful human being. He did it to give us a firm foundation for life—a blessed life with God now and forever.

And do you know how God gives us everything Jesus earned for us by his life, death, and resurrection? Through his rock-solid word.

And that’s the truth!

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