I’m tired of all the bad news

God help me! What’s the a solution to all of these problems?

Have you noticed lately the newspaper headlines and the lead stories on the evening news?  They don’t really change much over the years.  Plenty of ink is spilled about the financial crisis, disease, wars, murders, rapes, or other forms of violent crime—seeking the most wanted.  Our eyes watch tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes unfold before us on the airwaves.  Life can often look pretty bleak in many parts of the world.

But the problems aren’t just in other parts of the world.  Sometimes the hurt, the pain, and the tragedies we often read or hear about actually invade our own personal lives.  Being on the receiving end can lead us to blurt out in frustration:

  • “Why are people so unfriendly? There is so much rage and anger everywhere.”
  • “My marriage has been suffering for months, and the possibility of it changing seems hopeless.  Some days I wished I’d never walked down the aisle.”
  • “I can’t speak up. I’ll be cancelled.”
  • “Why am I being bullied and targeted? I’m scared.”
  • “Why do people I love have to develop cancer?  It doesn’t seem fair. I feel hopeless not being able to help them get well.”
  • “My kids won’t listen to me! It feels as though I have completely lost control.”
  • “Why are people telling lies about everything and everyone? Who can I believe?”
  • “I’m so lonely that some days I honestly feel that I am the only one left in the world.”
  • “Why me? What did I do to deserve this? I’ve been the positive one.”
  • “Why can’t I stop? Am I addicted?”
  • “Why is it that MY job was cut? I’m such a better worker than so and so.”

Life has its problems.  Each of us has our problems.  Death, an uncertain world, sickness, broken promises, and severed relationships – do you ever get tired of all the bad news?  It can lead us to wonder, “Is there a solution?”

Yes, there is!  It starts first with God helping us understand that all of life’s problems are really a symptom of the big problem of sin.

And, now the Good News!

The awesome news is that God freely gives us the complete solution to that problem of sin. After living and dying for us, Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday.  He is the solution!  God tells us that he has given us “a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 1:3).

Tired of the bad news?  Come and learn about the good news of God’s solution to life’s problems.  This news will never become old.

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