Why Do I Feel Guilty?

You have seen the struggle before, haven’t you? The TV sitcom shows the main character with an angel in white on one shoulder and a little devil, complete with pitchfork and tail, on the other side. The good angel is encouraging the individual to do what is good and right. The bad angel is encouraging that same individual to do something that he knows is wrong.

Although the scenario is set up to amuse us, it is surprisingly close to what goes on inside of us.There are times in our lives when we are forced to make tough choices. Some choices we are able to take time to consider. Other choices must be made quickly without giving them much thought. No matter what types of choices we make, we are forced to live with them. Living with choices that we know are wrong produces guilt.

Guilt is a tough thing to live with, and it is even tougher to get rid of it. But, as disturbing as guilty feelings are, they are really a gift from God. Guilt leads us to ask the question, “What can I do to make up for all the wrong that I have done? How can I fix it?” Unfortunately, most wrong decisions we make cannot be taken back or undone. As a result, many people live with guilt for years without any place to turn for help.

Thank God that he has a way of taking care of guilt. Instead of having us try to make up for what we have done, he sent a Savior to remove our guilt. When Jesus went to the cross, God placed all our wrong, including the guilt and blame that come with it, on Jesus’ shoulders. When Jesus died, his last words were, “It is finished!” (John 19:30) which means, “It is paid in full.” Jesus paid the price for and removed our sin. It is as if the wrong that we did that produced the guilt never happened.

Are you feeling guilty today? Don’t live with it another day. Turn to Jesus who forgives sin and removes guilt (Psalm 25:4-18).

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