Jesus Obediently Goes to the Temple

These are the readings for the First Sunday after Christmas.

God’s Word for This Week

The readings today give us a window into our salvation and eternal glory, via the boyhood years of Jesus.  The early life of Samuel has some interesting parallels to that of Jesus. In Hebrews Jesus willingly becomes one of us, and calls us “brothers.” Look in wonder at Jesus, the almighty God, going through early, learning years just as we all do.

First Lesson - 1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26


1. What was the yearly present Samuel’s mother would give him?
2. How are his childhood years described (v.20)?

Second Lesson - Hebrews 2:10-18


3. What is Jesus not ashamed to call us?
4. Why did he have to become human like us?
5. What comfort do we get in everyday life from the fact that he faced the same things we do?

Gospel - Luke 2:41-52

6. What was Jesus’ priority and desire as a 12 year old child?
7. What phrase does Luke use that you already heard in the 1 Samuel 2?


1. Each year Samuel’s mother gave him a robe (linen ephod) she made herself.l Compare her thoughtfulness to the care put into some Christmas presents. She was thrilled to see Samuel serve in the temple. The influence of a godly mother blessed Samuel.

2. Samuel grew in height, and the LORD and people were very pleased with him—the result of training him up in the way he should go.

3. Jesus is not ashamed to call us his brothers—part of the same eternal family. What a miracle of grace that God in the flesh could feel so close to us… and we to him!

4. In order to take up our battle against sin, death and the devil, Jesus had to be like us.  Jesus had to win, too. His perfect human life all the way to the cross, even in boyhood, he lived as one of us. That way God could substitute his perfect human life and atoning death in place of ours.

5. We have great comfort knowing that Jesus experienced what we go through. He faced daily struggles and temptations like ours.  He can relate to our fears and challenges. He can help us, because the temptations he faced never took him down.

6. Unlike many 12 year-old boys, Jesus eagerly wanted to learn and discuss Scriptural truths. The Jewish teachers were amazed at the depth of Jesus’ understanding. We are amazed to see Jesus making us saints in God’s sight as he obeyed God’s 3rd commandment perfectly.

7. Jesus grew “wiser and taller and won the approval of God and of people” (GWN). This is the only section in the Bible that gives us insight to Jesus’ growing years. What a thrill it must have been to be around Jesus; on the other hand, how meekly and quietly he walked before God and people.