Jesus Comes to Save Us, Even as an Infant

These are the scripture readings for the First Sunday after Christmas.

God’s Word for This Week
Whether or not we had a “good Christmas,” as some may ask us, today over and over we hear good news of God’s grace.

First Lesson -  Isaiah 45:20-25

1. What key ability does the LORD have that idols do not have (verses 20–21)?
2. Why do all the ends of the earth need to turn to the LORD (verses 21–22)?
3. On the last day, how will all believers in the LORD be found? How will we feel (verse 25)?


1. The LORD can predict the future and does so with perfect accuracy. Idols and those who follow them have no ability to predict the future.
2. All the ends of the earth need to turn to the Lord because he is the only God. He is the only Savior. He is righteous, so he must punish sinners, but in mercy the Father has punished his Son in our place. 
3. All believers in the LORD will be found righteous, and will exult. To be found righteous means that on the last day God will judge us sinners right with him, for Jesus’ sake. This will make us exult. That is, we will be full of joy.

Second Lesson - Colossians 3:12–17

1. What three key gospel truths motivate our new lives in Christ (verse 12)? 
2. Where is the only place to find strength for our new life in Christ (verse 16)?


1. A) In Christ, we are God’s chosen people. In eternity, in pure grace, the Father picked us to be his own. B) In Christ, we are holy in God’s sight. Jesus’ holiness is credited to us, as if we have had only holy thoughts and actions all our lives. C) In Christ, we are dearly loved. 
2. The only place to find strength for our new life in Christ is in God’s Word. Let’s dig into it daily it to teach and warn each other! Let’s sing it gladly!

Gospel - Luke 2:25-40

1. What did God do for Simeon, compared to what God had promised him (verses 25–28)?
2. What did Simeon hint at to Mary (verse 35)?
3. For what were Simeon and Anna waiting (verses 25, 38)? For what are you waiting?


1. God had promised Simeon that he would not die before he saw God’s Anointed Son. But God did better than he promised; he let Simeon hold his Savior!
2. He hinted that Jesus would suffer great pain, and Mary, without Joseph at her side, would see it. A sword would pierce her own soul, too. 
3. They were waiting for the consolation of Israel, the redemption of Jerusalem— waiting for God to come and comfort his people by paying for their sins. We wait for Jesus to comfort and rescue us by coming again.