When is the resurrection going to happen?

When I was a child, one of the questions we couldn't ask while…

Does the Bible teach Reincarnation?

"The New Testament teaches reincarnation. It calls it by another…

Will I Rise from the Dead?

Christians say:  “I believe in the resurrection of the body…

Why is Jesus' resurrection from the dead significant for me?

It was refreshing, though the situation certainly wasn’t. Sandy’s…

How can I be sure there is life after death?

The view that there isn't a life after death is certainly a minority…

What happens to us when we die?

What happens to us when we die? What an important question, because…

What Happens to the Soul before Judgment Day?

"I miss my uncle so much! But I just know that, somehow, he's…

When Does the Soul Go to Heaven?

It is often fear that lies behind that question.  As if death…


Many people have many different ideas. Just a good man who lived and died? A charismatic man whose followers stretched the truth? A holy man with some connection to the divine? A prophet like Mohammed? Who is Jesus?


Ever have a question about worship practices but didn’t know whom to ask? Well here’s the place for you! Learn the meaning of the Scripture readings in church,. Learn how to pray. And understand religious terms used in the church setting.