What is My Purpose in Life?

“What is my purpose in life?” is a question that gets replayed…

How do I make a decision for Christ?

I'm not very good at making difficult decisions. I remember standing…

Am I Too Far Lost to Be Saved?

Am I too far lost to be saved? That depends on your point…

What Is Sin?

The apostle John wrote: “Everyone who sins breaks the law;…

What is a Christian Worldview?

Sam and Harry are two brothers who are able to see eye to eye…

I'm not perfect; I make mistakes. So what?

In 2013, the Florida State Seminoles were celebrated as college…

How do I find God?

How do you find Atlanta?  You could go to a public library and…

How do I know my faith is real?

There are different tests documented to determine that which…

Should I expect a special message from God?

When I was in college, a friend of mine grew uneasy. Should he…


Many people have many different ideas. Just a good man who lived and died? A charismatic man whose followers stretched the truth? A holy man with some connection to the divine? A prophet like Mohammed? Who is Jesus?


Ever have a question about worship practices but didn’t know whom to ask? Well here’s the place for you! Learn the meaning of the Scripture readings in church,. Learn how to pray. And understand religious terms used in the church setting.